When A Miracle Found on The Porch

The Boy on the Porch - Sharon Creech

Title: A Boy On The Porch

Author: Sharon Creech

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: Sep 3rd 2013

Page Number: 179



Fans of Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech's Ruby Holler will love her latest tween novel about finding family when you least expect it.

When a young couple finds a boy asleep on their porch, their lives take a surprising turn. Unable to speak, the boy Jacob can't explain his history. All John and Marta know is that they have been chosen to care for him.

And, as their connection and friendship with Jacob grow, they embrace his exuberant spirit and talents. The three of them blossom into an unlikely family and begin to see the world in brand-new ways.

The Boy on the Porch is a singular story about opening your heart and discovering home in unexpected places.


What I Thought:


One day, a boy appeared asleep on the porch of Martha and John. He didn't talk and a note that he brought said his name is Jacob. Soon, they knew that Jacob is 'communicating' in a special way: tapping, making music, drawing. But he didn't say a single word. Martha and John felt curious, what kind of parents left their child in other people house and what kind of story that Jacob left behind. Then they tried to tracked down. When they finally get used with Jacob around, they day finally arrived.

The bad things of this book were Ms.Creech left some stories unanswered. But still, I love the story. I love how Martha and John supported each other for the worst possibility. How they approached Jacob to get some little answers. How they love the children.

I even thought that Jacob is probably Superman, who they finally changed his name into Clark after Martha and John finally took him as their own child. But that's my wild imagination, off course :D And Martha is the name of Peter Parker's aunt, so.... no way :p

(show spoiler)

Some reviews said that this book is not for children, because it probably didn't have any children appeal in it. I must be agree. But still, for an adult, this book is pretty much appealing. It's beautiful and for the reason I'm still wondering, I felt this book also warm-hearting.


Opening Lines:


The young couple found the child asleep in an old cushioned chair on the front porch. He was curled against a worn pillow, his feet bare and dusty, his clothes fashioned from rough linen. They could not imagine where he had come from or how he had made his way to their small farmhouse on a dirt road far from town.