A Cup Of Normal -- This Week Short Stories

A Cup of Normal - Devon Monk

Title: A Cup of Normal

Author: Devon Monk

Publisher: Fairwood Press

Publication Date: Jul 22nd 2013

Page Numbers: 264 pages



These twenty-two short stories are measured out with a cup of normal and a pound of the fantastic. From dark fairytales to alien skies, Monk’s stories blend haunting yesterdays, forgotten todays and twisted tomorrows wherein:

...A normal little girl in a city made of gears, takes on the world to save a toy....A normal ancient monster living in Seattle, must decide if love is worth trusting a hero...A normal patchwork woman and her two-headed boyfriend stitch their life and farm together with needle, thread, and time...a normal vampire in a knitting shop must face sun-drenched secrets...a normal snow creature’s wish changes a mad man’s life...a normal man breaks reality with a hamster...and yes, a normal little robot, defines how extraordinary friendship can be.

Poignant, bittersweet, frightening, and funny, these stories pour out worlds that are both lovely and odd, darkly strange and tantalizingly familiar, where no matter how fantastic the setting or situation, love, freedom, and hope find a way to take root and thrive


What I Thought

Another short stories for this week. Away from Willful Creatures I've read recently, this one has familiar themes, such as paranormals, fairy tales, myths and robots. It also has some death themes (which I love so much). The lyrical proses stunned me until the last page. The cover (at least the one that I have) is one of the most beautiful cover I've ever seen.


A Cup of Normal Cover