An Autism from An Imaginary Friend's POV

Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend - Matthew Green

Title: A Memoirs of An Imaginary Friends

Author: Matthew Dicks, Matthew Green

Publisher: Sphere

Publication Date: Mar 1st 2012

Page Numbers: 458 pages



Budo is Max's imaginary friend. He has lasted a lot longer than most imaginary friends, because Max needs him more. His parents argue about sending him to a special school. But Max is happy if everything is kept the way it is. Unfortunately, things are about to change - and then he'll need Budo more than ever.


What I Thought

This book made me curious, if I have an imaginary friend, how he/she looks like? And this book also made me want to have one (kidding).

Budo is Max's imaginary friend. And the whole story in this book is from Budo's POV.

Is it interesting? From the all characters in this book, I only can imagined two:

- Freddie Highmore as Budo


And Tilda Swinton as Mrs. Patterson

mrs. patterson

(Okay...blamed my lack imaginations).

My favorite character is Oswald the Giant, because of his innocence. Anyway, this book is a page-turning. I enjoyed the beautiful story yet poignant, even though I already predict the ending.


Opening Lines

Here is what I know:

    My name is Budo

    I have been alive for five years

    Five years is a very long time for someone like me to be alive.

    Max gave me my name.

    Max is the only human person who can see me

    Max's parents call me an imaginary friend.