How to Deal with Dilemas

How We Deal With Gravity - Ginger Scott

Title: How We Deal with Gravity

Author: Ginger Scott

Publisher: Ginger Scott

Publication Date: Jul 6th 2014

Page Numbers: 244 pages



When her son Max was diagnosed with autism, Avery Abbot’s life changed forever. Her husband left, and her own dreams became a distant fantasy—always second to fighting never-ending battles to make sure Max was given opportunity, love and respect. Finding someone to fight along her side wasn’t even on her list, and she’d come to terms with the fact that she could never be her own priority again. 

But a familiar face walking into her life in the form of 25-year-old Mason Street had Avery’s heart waging a war within. Mason was a failure. When he left his hometown five years ago, he was never coming back—it was only a matter of time before his records hit the billboard charts. Women, booze and rock-n-roll—that was it for him. But it seemed fate had a different plan in mind, and with a dropped record contract, little money and nowhere to go, Mason turned to the only family that ever made him feel home—the Abbots. 

Avery loved Mason silently for years—until he broke her heart…completely. But time and life have a funny way of changing people, and sometimes second chances are there for a reason. Could this one save them both?


What I Thought

But I can't make mistakes with Max[209]

The life of Avery Abbot was not easy at all. She was a single parent with an autism five year old son, Max, and her ex-husband was a kinda prick: he left them a day after the doctor diagnosed that Max has autism. But, suddenly, Mason Street, a man from her past, which she ever falled in love with--but hurted in return, was back and decided to lived with them. And Ave should made a choice, whether she took her happiness with Mason or sticked with things that she fought recently.

Life is full of things that don't go according to plans, Avery [222-223]

This story was a pure real-life drama. The romance between Ave and Mason was not a surprise, and I bet everyone could guessed Ave's choice. But Mace's love to Max which as big as his real parent was touched me. Because it wasn't an easy thing to do. I knew some stories in my real life which the man only want the mum but rejected the kids when they tried to built a new life. Mason threated Max as a human being, the whole points,including his special needs. Mason also pushed Max to do his best, to keep tried on his ability to memorized, not tried to shut him down because he was different. I think the guy like Mason is too good to be true (but I believe there was, at least--one, in this world. God bless this guy).


The best of all, was the character of Ray Abbot. A father, a grandpa, a tutor of life, music lover and a man who became the center of our main characters in their world. I always love a wise old-man. 

I can tell you what, though...the Avery that takes a chance for her own happiness is going to be a hell of a lot stronger to Max than the one who gives up[223]

This is my first book of Ginger Scott and I like it. Eventhough the romance didn't get my full attention, but how she put the problem such as Max's autism could brought my tears down. I also adore Avery's character, a strong mom, put other people first and never showed her weakness in front of the others. Even some dilemas hitted her, but she always had a way to decided. A woman like this mostly never failed the readers to love her character.


And this book also made me starting to listening of some old songs, like the Beatles and Johnny Cash :D

You only get to do now once in your life. Do it right [234-235]

Opening Lines



The looks on their face--that's the worst part


Nobody tries to help. They never do. They just rush by with their own children, hiding their eyes so they don't see the woman causing the scene with her kid.