People With Brains Way Cooler

Dork in Disguise - Carol Gorman

Title: Dork in Disguise

Author: Carol Gorman

Publisher: Open Road Media Young Readers

Publication Date: Aug 5th 2014

Page Numbers: 102 pages



At his new school, Jerry Flack is determined to stop being a dork and start being a cool guy—but does this science nerd really have what it takes to be popular? 

Jerry Flack is starting middle school in a new town where no one knows him and he can be anybody he wants. Jerry has a plan: He is finally going to be cool. But that turns out to be easier said than done. As his lies begin to pile up, Jerry knows he’s going to slip up soon, and everyone will see him for who he really is.

Can Jerry keep the act going? Or is it possible that a dork can actually be . . . well, cool?


What I Thought

Being cool is everything, especially for nowadays pre-teen. And the cool thing usually identic with the Beautiful People and sports. Maturity, in the other hand, think that smart person is the cool one. Those are this book told about. Jerry Flack didn't want to get a "dork" mark in his new school, so he pretended that he was a cool ones. He hide his cleverness, his glasses and learnt to act like cool people (based on the cool magazine). He also had crush with Cinnamon O'Brien, the prettiest girl in sixth grader, it means that he had to competed with Gabe Marshall, the most popular lad in school. With the help of Brenda, Jerry tried very hard to be a dork in disguise.

From the first read, I already guessed how this story will end. And it has strong message, especially for the young readers. That being yourself is everything. We don't have to push ourself for being someone that we didn't like it, just for being in popular group. 

My fave character in this book is Tony. I have no particular reason, but I think he was cool in his way (and he proved that he didn't brain-dead :D). And Cinnamon was an annoying character, pretty but has no brain.

So what if she said aspiration instead of inspiration? At least she hadn't said prespiration!



Note: the good thing of this ebook, Open Road Media also provided the first three chapters from Dork on The Run, the sequel of this book


This book was meant to be series, but I only read the first book