A Story of A Wikiblogger

Something Wiki - Suzanne  Sutherland

Title: Something Wiki

Author: Suzanne Sutherland

Publisher: Dundurn Group

Publication Date: Jan 27th 2015

Page Numbers: 160 pages



 Jo Waller has three brainy friends, two mostly harmless parents, and friends, two mostly harmless parents, and one deep, dark secret: she edits Wikipedia for fun. But when her 24-year-old brother moves back home with his pregnant girlfriend, Jo is forced to reconcile the idealized version of her absent, cool older brother with the reality of romantic relationships and the truth behind so many embarrassing health class videos.


With the young couple moving back into the family home, there's barely enough room for anyone to move, let alone have any privacy. Throw in some major friendship turbulence, a seriously unrequited crush, and a mortifyingly bad haircut, and it's looking like Jo will be lucky to make it out of the year alive. When you're a pizza-faced dork who uses Wikipedia as a diary and would rather wear ancient hand-me-downs than shop at the mall, what's the upside? Jo is about to find it in the most unlikely way


What I Thought

Being twelve is sucks!

When Jo's bestfriend stole, when her cool bro suddenly announced that his girlfriend just pregnant and her zist getting crazier. And Jo wrote her diary into wikipedia (a smart way to used the edit button, but she erased it right after wrote it down) instead created blogs or wrote it down in facebook (I can't help for those who being so dramatic in ANY social media).

This book is about Jo's daily life. Her school life, her life at home and the problem usually twelve girl had (BFF, family, boys and...zist :D). My fave character is Jen (from Jenevive, not Jennifer) the pregnant girlfriend. I just felt like she would be a great big sist also a cool mother. The theme in every chapter also cleverly put in some paragraf that cited from wikipedia, with a lil bit edited by Jo. This is usual theme in preteen books, but it has unusuall way to write it (and the idea to used wikipedia in this way also kinda cool)....IMO :)


Opening Lines



from Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia

(as edited by me


Acne vulgaris (or cystic acne, a.k.a looking like total greaseball) is a common pretty nasty human skin disease, characterized by areas of skin with seborrhea (scaly red skin -- ew), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads -- sick), papules (pinheads -- gross), pustules (pimples --duh), nodules (large papules -- which sounds like some kind of walrus), and possibly, scaring (oh, great).